Watch this video on the 3-module course:

‘The Foundations of Professionalism in Teaching’ with Alan Newland


This module includes:

  • video content - "The Teacher & the Law", full lecture.

  • all aspects of a teacher’s legal responsibilities and authorities including: 

  • statutory obligations around ‘Duty of Care’; ‘negligence’; physical contact; discipline (including the use of force);

  • the legal context for safeguarding and abuse;

  • anti-discrimination legislation;

  • DBS declarations & teacher misconduct.

module 2:
Teaching Professionalism – its ethics & values

This module includes:

  • video content - "Teaching professionalism - its ethics and values", full lecture. 

  • discussions on the definitions and characteristics of teacher professionalism - 'what is a profession'?;

  • challenging scenarios around maintaining appropriate personal & professional boundaries;

  • how trainees can provide evidence for Part 2 of the Teachers’ Standards.

module 3:
Can you teach 'British values'? Yes, and here's how...

This module provides an understanding and a confident approach to this challenging area, with ideas and resources to use in class and school. 


The module includes:

  • video content - "Can you teach British values? Yes, and here's how...", full lecture.

  • inspiring activities on how to promote ‘British values’ and tackle challenging issues

  • scores of practical ideas on teaching through the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education

  • sensible practical advice on how to apply the ‘Prevent’ strategy

Module 1: The Teacher and the Law