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 3.  Can you teach 'British values'? Yes, and here's how...


This highly interactive and lively session will enable your trainees to feel confident about how they can promote and teach ‘British values’ in a practical way. 


This workshop (either a half-day or a full-day) will not only provide your trainees with a good understanding and confident approach to this challenging area, but also provide them with many ideas and resources to use within their class and school. 


The session includes:

  • inspiring activities on how to promote ‘British values’ and tackle challenging issues

  • scores of practical ideas on teaching through the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculum

  • sensible practical advice on how to apply the ‘Prevent’ strategy

Lectures on Professional Studies with Alan Newland 2020-21



  1. The Teacher & the Law

  2. Teaching Professionalism – its ethics and values

  3. Can you teach 'British values'? Yes, and here's how...



  1. The Teacher & the Law

  2. Teaching Professionalism – its ethics and values


These two highly interactive and lively sessions will cover most of your Professional Studies requirements for your school-based ITT course.


They address the full range of legal, professional and ethical issues for new teachers in a reflective, interactive and thought-provoking way:


1.      The Teacher and the Law (1½ - 2 hours) deals with all aspects of a teacher’s legal responsibilities and authorities including: 

  • statutory obligations around ‘Duty of Care’; ‘negligence’; physical contact; discipline (including the use of force);

  • the legal context for safeguarding and abuse;

  • anti-discrimination legislation;

  • DBS declarations & teacher misconduct.


2.      Teaching Professionalism – its ethics & values (1½ - 2 hours) examines the definitions and characteristics of teacher professionalism including:

  • what is a profession?;

  • challenging scenarios around maintaining appropriate personal & professional boundaries;

  • how trainees can provide evidence for Part 2 of the Teachers’ Standards.


For a quick taste of how the sessions are presented and conducted, view this video (shot in 2012) - it gives you an idea of how lively and interactive they are.