What SCITT tutors have said recently about the live 'face-to-face' lectures:

Once again the trainees thoroughly enjoyed your session and certainly appear to have benefited from your words of wisdom. We would like to book you again the same time next year!

Jo Homer, The Stourport SCITT. Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire


Thanks again for Friday - as ever, it was a brilliant, thought-provoking session about professionalism. Our trainees thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak.  You always help us to strike the right tone at the start of the programme. Thank you. In the meantime, I’d like to book you to do the session again next year.

Louise Leigh, King Edward's Consortium, Birmingham


Alan, you tackle these issues brilliantly, with an extremely engaging style, and with your years of experience, you entertain us with topics that are of real significance and importance but also very challenging.  It’s ideal for our induction week and helps our trainees really understand the commitment they need to make. The impact is that from their first placement most of our trainees achieve a Grade 1 in Part 2 of the Teaching Standards.

Janet Limburg       Somerset SCITT 


The two issues you address (‘The Teacher and the Law’ and ‘Teacher Professionalism’) are really critical. They could be delivered in a very dry and sterile fashion, but you do it in such a way as to engage our trainees in a relaxed and personable manner without losing the significance of the key messages. The wealth of your experience and up-to-date knowledge in these and many other areas is also key and gives our trainees a clear reference within which to conduct themselves during their training and beyond. Their evaluations of your sessions are always amongst the most highly praised so yours is always the first name inked-in to our programme year on year! 

Dave Roper          Leicestershire Secondary SCITT     

Your presentation, as ever, was extremely well received; indeed, every trainee thought you were excellent. So, you carry off the laurel leaves for the perfect presentation! Thank you.                         

Ron Piper, Director, Swindon SCITT 


Thanks Alan! Everyone at the sessions rated them either ‘Very good’ or ‘Excellent’.                                  

Claire James, ELASCITT, Plaistow, London 


We thought it might be too much, but not at all. The trainees had an excellent day - thanks Alan!                      

Gill Makin, Mersey Boroughs SCITT 


Just a note to thank you very much for an excellent presentation on Monday - really positive feedback from the trainees.           

Dylan Gwyer-Roberts, Director of School Direct at Bath Spa 



Exeter University Primary PGCE – 

  • Alan was such a calm, knowledgeable man and discussed such important issues.  It was so helpful and made me feel much more confident. Thank you Alan!

  • A really interesting session, I really enjoyed it and gained a lot from it.

  • I thought it was all great! Very thought-provoking and enjoyable. Thank you!

  • I thought the day would make me feel more stressed but it had the opposite effect and re-assured me. It was a great day and Alan takes a very realistic approach to the topics.

  • This has been one of the most useful, interesting and important days of the training so far. Thank you! 

  • Absolutely amazing and deeply inspiring; the fact that it was so personal and he told us about his mistakes felt really honest and he gave me hope that mistakes are to be expected and can be learnt from. FANTASTIC!

  • Engaging, motivating and inspiring talk on some very complex and relevant issues.

  • Reassuring, engaging and very interesting to hear Alan’s experiences.

  • Very engaging; great orator; keeps you interested relating his own experience so you understand his point of view more. Very beneficial for future trainees.

  • Loved it. Very interesting and enlightening.

  • Inspirational. Reminded me of why I wanted to become a teacher.

  • Really practical, relevant topics that we’ve not covered anywhere else.

  • Thought-provoking, informative with good coverage of the law.

  • Learnt not to worry about school trips!

  • I learnt there is always support and not to stress.

  • I found it very helpful and reassuring about our legal status and rights. It was very beneficial to learn from his many years of experience.

  • A valuable experience and very informative; it was engaging and very beneficial for my future practice. Worth every penny!

  • The talks by Alan Newland were engaging and interesting at a high level. I learnt a lot about what it means to be a teacher and a professional as well as the rights and support I am entitled to. I would recommend Alan to any trainee teachers.

  • Engaging, interesting and eye-opening; did not know about the disbarring issues – thought that was interesting; also very glad to have talked about British values and given so many resources.

  • A very relatable and friendly talk; I felt enthusiastic about becoming a teacher; he presented brilliant points without it feeling daunting.; brilliant opportunity to reflect upon teaching as a profession; VERY worthwhile lecture series.

  • I thought the lecture led by Alan Newland was very engaging, interesting and it really made me think about the legal and moral nature of issues in teaching. It was very worthwhile and a fantastic morning session!

  • He was eye-opening, engaging, informative, inspiring, entertaining, approachable and answered all questions. The session was completely well worth it; one of the most informative lectures I’ve been to.

  • He was very helpful and very passionate; I felt he cared about our opinions and has re-assured me about many of my apprehensions.

  • Thank you Alan for an excellent, informative lecture. I found it a really interesting subject and was particularly interested in your own views and experiences and how you handled them. Fantastic and really engaging – well dome!

  • Really interesting and engaging! Thank you Alan for answering all our questions and giving us all the confidence to go into schools knowing what we should and shouldn’t do. Your own experiences made me feel a lot better about having to handle different situations. Thank you so much!

  • A very funny and instructive talk with good examples of real life contexts; very relevant and inspiring.

  • I thought Alan was very engaging and clear in his thought process regarding ‘Teaching & the Law’. He was reassuring and confident in his experience. I enjoyed the lectures and think this would be useful for both primary and secondary trainees to experience.

  • A great talk – he is experienced, answered questions well and his personal stories helped to keep me interested.

  • He made a potentially dry subject engaging and informative; challenged our preconceptions and ideas.

  • Very engaging and interesting; the topics discussed were very useful to talk about.

  • Both sessions were extremely engaging and made the topics seem personable. Thank you for your time!

  • Alan was well informed and entertaining; it was interesting to consider the ideas and the differences between school policies and the what the law says.

  • Informative lectures, interesting anecdotes.

  • Funny, informative and thought-provoking without being prescriptive. Very worthwhile.

  • I found Alan’s lecture very helpful, relevant and inspiring; it was good to link it to real-life experiences that were relevant; good use of time.

  • Great lectures – a lot more interesting and engaging than I expected it to be! I found it particularly useful finding out about how the law is there to protect and support teachers rather than something to be in fear of. 

  • Very informative; engaging; opened eyes as to the challenges and rewards of being a teacher.

  • Really useful information; Alan was really personable and reassuring at a point where the PGCE cohort are feeling overwhelmed. I feel much more confident about going into school next week and prepared to learn from my mistakes and experiences.

  • Found Alan’s lectures really helpful and interesting; raised some great points and clarified worries; definitely recommend for the trainees next year.

  • Very re-assuring after the Union safeguarding talk.

  • Really helpful and informative; great speaker; many relatable anecdotes; clarified many concerns.

  • Good use of personal experience, which we could recognize in our own practice; really good use of discussions; great speaker, really engaging; his breadth of experience was really useful to hear about.

  • Alan has an amazing way of showing and sharing his enthusiasm about teaching whilst still being able to put across important and useful information.

  • It was a very engaging and thought-provoking lecture. Alan spoke really well and it was very interesting to hear his insights into the profession.

  • Great insight into real experiences of teaching and used them to apply his knowledge with great examples; full of fabulous advice and enthusiasm; explained complicated topics in simple and eye-opening ways.

  • Really insightful talk, applying knowledge of the law and personal conduct to real life situations; debating them made powerful connections.

  • Engaging and inspiring; covered a lot of very touchy subjects that I now feel much more confident about!

  • His honesty and willingness to share his past experiences and reflect on them for the benefit of our future practice was extremely powerful and very helpful.

  • A very inspiring talk – and I’m so sorry I was late! (I had to drive from Totnes and there were delays!)

  • Great to hear some real-life and very honest examples of what can happen but with positive outcomes. Thanks!

  • Really helpful and interesting. Although a serious topic, he made it seem less intimidating and showed us how we will be supported. FAB! Thank you!

  • Enjoyable and informative lecture; made me feel confident and prepared for my future teaching; interesting questions asked and points to consider; good to know where the law and school policies stand in emergencies.

  • A very interesting and useful morning; useful insights into the teaching profession and discussions about teachers’ standards; good advice.

  • Thank you for this very informative and useful talk. It has really helped me to promote and cement some ideas about what being a teacher really means and our place in society. Please come back next year!

  • Thank so much for coming Alan! Really appreciated thinking from a reflective sort of perspective on topics that can easily be stereotyped as dry and boring; so important to think about teaching from a broader angle.

  • Delivered in a very accessible and reassuring way; very useful content and good opportunities to reflect.

  • It was very interesting to discuss the term professionalism in relation to our own practice; the talk made me reflect about ethical and moral standpoints.

  • A very astute and sharp man; the content was structured and synthesized in a manner that only comes from in-depth knowledge and expertise of his profession; discussions on our questions were particularly impressive.

  • REALLY valuable and informative; content was structured really well; anecdotes and scenarios were interesting; LOVED the discussion aspect.

  • The Alan Newland lecture was really engaging and informative and well worth the investment for a full morning. I felt as though I have benefited for my personal teaching future.

  • I would have appreciated this talk more in a week when the time pressure was lower! The anecdotes were interesting, however, fewer would have been enough; enjoyable and informative on the whole and re-assuring.

  • I found it useful to know exactly what the law says regarding certain issues and enjoyed discussing the moral dilemmas. Thank you.

  • Fantastic lecture; inspiring, engaging, and enthusiastic; answered some burning questions and also inspired some new ones! Worth coming in on my day off!

  • A very engaging lecture which will support me in my progression as a teacher; lots of areas covered which I didn’t have much knowledge about – the law especially.

  • Loved the enthusiasm and the engagement! Very interesting and informative! Thank you for coming to speak to us!

  • Alan Newland was an inspirational and fantastic speaker; his language was accessible to all levels and he didn’t talk down to us. Personally I found I had a lot in common with Alan, so it reassured me.

  • Engaging talk on real issues and an insight into teaching and the wider role of a teacher; very helpful. Definitely should come back next year!

  • Alan Newland’s lecture was very insightful and fuelled with content that will be given much time for further consideration throughout our teaching careers. A fantastic opportunity, thank you.

  • This lecture was very informative and beneficial. I particularly enjoyed his real-life stories and reflections. It includes many practical examples of situations we are all likely to encounter.

  • The lecture was very useful for me and gave me a lot to think about going into my first placement; it was particularly helpful in the reassurance it offered.

  • I really enjoyed Alan’s lecture; very useful to understand the implications of being a teacher and how the law supports us – talking about physical restraint etc was really useful and necessary. The addition of real life experiences helped to put the ideas talked about in to real situations. Thank you!

  • Really interesting session on the wider role of the teacher; I really enjoyed the chance to discuss moral and ethical issues and to hear other people’s views on teacher professionalism. It was really engaging and funny!

  • In all honesty the lecture could have been very dull and painfully boring. However, I was very encouraged to find Alan as an interesting and illuminating speaker. He spoke with honesty and provided really useful examples and scenarios for new teachers. I’ll be following his blog and Twitter-feed and would highly recommend that the university ask him to speak again. Thumbs Up!


Exeter University Secondary PGCE – 

  • Fantastic lecture – many thanks!

  • Rewarding and useful to know not to worry.

  • Very good, bring him back next year; funny and relatable; well thought out delivery and content; thank you!

  • I thought it was very interesting and entertaining. He raised points covering a lot of worries and issues not usually brought up.

  • I found it a really useful session, which cleared up and clarified quite a few areas; it also gave me confidence to go on my first placement.

  • Really valuable talk; very informative and I think it was a brilliant addition to the course. My advice would be to invite him back.

  • Both useful and interesting to learn about the legal and ethical side of teaching compared to the moral.

  • Knowledge about the law was valuable; the anecdotes and real-life situations were useful; online lecture instead?

  • FANTASTIC – HAVE HIM BACK! Comforting to hear that we are not targeted when we make mistakes. The best EPS session so far!

  • Really enjoyable and very informative.

  • Brilliant session – very engaging and entertaining; enjoyed the group discussion elements; very reassuruing regarding misconduct etc – I think the emphasis on common sense approach was helpful.

  • Very interesting inc. personal stories related to the lecture topics.

  • Really good and engaging talk; made me think about issues differently; he spoke about things can be quite sensitive (such as physical contact with children) and stopped them being scary.

  • Good speaker but covered a lot of previous topics, so do it earlier; I liked the points raised about British values.

  • Very inspirational, insightful and helpful; should 100% have him back next year!

  • Really enjoyable; really made me think about the law; nice stories relating to the real world. All the resource links were great. Would recommend that you bring him back.

  • Incredibly useful about debunking many of the fears of the legalities of teaching; it clarified a lot of the issues that are frequently ‘attacked’ by the media; showed there’s more flexibility and self-governance. Very interesting insights.

  • Gave a context to the legal aspects of teaching.

  • A very enlightening and informative topic which I feel would be very beneficial to future cohorts of PGCE students to be part of

  • Very useful to understand ‘duty of care’ as similar to parental responsibility. Yes, should definitely come back next year!

  • Prior to these talks there was a lot of uncertainty of certain boundaries, these talks really clarified this in an enjoyable and engaging way; I now feel much more confident with these issues.

  • Great voice of sanity and humour and perspective; reassuring that it all makes sense.

  • I feel a lot more confident addressing a child now that I know my legal responsibilities and protections.

  • Very beneficial session; was very engaging because we had to discuss; every trainee needs this; there were a number of boundaries eg physical contact, I wasn’t sure about beforehand but now feel more confident in.

  • A very informative talk; I enjoyed the discussion opportunities; every teacher trainee needs to have these talks.

  • FAB SESSION! Perfect timing in the course – answered a lot of my questions; engaging man with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Good wealth of knowledge and experience; useful to know where we stand legally; confident, funny and intelligent; would highly recommend.

  • A great experience with good clarification of terms, good stories on personal experience. It gave me confidence.

  • Very valuable to provide context to the law and school policies and how teachers standards relate; delivered in a very engaging and informative way.

  • Appreciated the sharing of such a wealth of experience. Many thought-provoking slides.

  • Alan Newland’s lecture was absolutely brilliant. I came away feeling very inspired and, even though I feel I’ve done lots of thinking about being a teacher already, I feel more informed about what the role of a teacher means in the widest sense. Thank you very much!

  • Really appreciated the legal, moral, ethical distinction. Very interesting and a very engaging speaker.

  • LOVED IT! Legal, ethical moral - very interesting with good anecdotes. Yes please, again!

  • Thank you for a HIGHLY useful talk on professionalism! It was extremely interesting, funny, inciteful and relevant.; particularly enjoyed the collaboration on standards – and the discussion on British values – so well put! Everyone was given enough time to ask questions and discuss – no rushing. Thanks again!

  • A very useful lecture – thank you.

  • Very interesting and engaging with relevant information. Very current and up-to-date.

  • A true insight into the teaching profession. Very engaging!

  • Engaging speech, inspiring; good use of relatable points and examples.



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